From the Minister

Letter from the Pastor for the May Grapevine:
God is making you new!
Over the last two weeks I have been sitting on my new balcony watching the plants push up from the
winter (true one of those days it snowed but we will not mention that ). It seems that the area changes
a little each day. Little buds are opening and flowers are adding color to the day. It is encouraging to
see this process. It is a reminder of the cycle of renewal that we experience four times a year in this
We have just journeyed through Lent and the Easter Season with the hope of redemption. Being
renewed is the promise of Christ. The Good News of the Gospel is that Christ is making us NEW. There
is not a day that God does not give us opportunity to learn and grow, to bloom and become renewed.
This spring may we, as a worshipping community, be focused on renewal. We are just coming out of
many months of worry and concern over COVID. This year has had challenges and we have been in-
side for a long time. This year it seems that the colors are brighter and the smells of spring are more
noticeable because we are finally beginning to ‘get out’ more.
As you begin to regain some sense of normalcy, may you feel the strength, the power, and the
encouragement of Jesus as you move through this season.
May is a month of change. May is a month that new growth happens things begin to bloom and be-
come fulfilled. Let’s encourage each other, so that each of us will be able to see the growth and the
renewed life around us and within us. We need each other and we need the encouragers who help us to
God’s HOLY SPIRIT of renewal is ‘in’, ‘through’, and ‘around’ us always.
Let’s work to be intentional about our goal to grow and let us deepen in our faith. May we look for
growth and renewal, rebirth and redemption as we move through this month of May. And may each of
you feel God’s encouragement in your life as you notice the gifts of God surrounding you each day.