From the Minister

Letter from the Pastor for the Summer 2022 Grapevine:
Blessings as each of you begin your summer.

I have just returned from a trip to California to meet my new (‘day old’ at that time /
grandson Sagan) Therefore, my mind is on the amazing way that God works and the
many times we do not take time to notice the miracles around us each day.

As I was looking at this new little baby, I noticed that he has hands and feet … he has
eyes.. and ears… and he is breathing and he is moving. HOW does that seem
possible? A year ago this little person was not here and now he is visible and he is audible.
We see him and we hear him and yet we will never understand the details that went
together to form this unique and wonderful little person. Sagan is unique there is no
one who is just like him. He is miraculous.

It is impossible to fully grasp the infinite details falling into place for him to be born and
thriving. At the same time, he is a human with attributes similar to other babies and
he is growing and learning each day. I noticed things about Sagan because I spent
hours just staring at him. 🙂 Every little breath and sigh makes me notice him.

I wonder what life would be like if I had my eyes so totally focused on my God
throughout each day. I wonder what I would see if I took the time to notice ALL of the
details around me that announce and display God’s love and grace.

Right now, I am writing this beside a beautiful flowering plant in my home—
Streptocarpus/ ladyslipper/blue ice. The details in the flower are amazing. The purple and
blue colors fade into each other. The process of this growing plant is miraculous.
Today when I look at this beautiful flowering plant, I am noticing a beauty that I did not
take time to see a week ago.

Sometimes, certain events allow us to see God’s Holiness in places where we did not
have eyes to see in the past. Sometimes, certain events help us to remember the
value in the focus on God’s creation and God’s love and care for us throughout each
day. That focus takes time and that usually needs to be intentional.

As you move through this summer, take time to SEE God around you. Take time to
notice the helper, the nurturers, the artists, the philosophers, the beauty, and
especially the people you see in each unexpected place God provides.

Have a good Summer!